Surrender Freely Given (or Taken)

Surrender Freely Given (or Taken)

Taken or given -

Surrender must be,

In order for us

To be truly free.

Allowing ourselves

To run in the wild,

Feeling pleasure untainted

On the outside of desire.

The blossom is plucked

From the thorny vines,

Full of old beliefs

Where we were once resigned.

Allowing the wellspring

Of pleasure to appear,

The water nymphs grinning

From ear to ear.

In uncharted territory,

A completely new realm.

Can you stand this much pleasure

Outside of your walls?

The price is high,

Yet totally free.

In lands previously forbidden,

Which you must now run free.

Taking in the freedom,

Breathing in the pain,

Relaxing into the ocean,

Wild and untamed.

Surrender is the cost.

Freedom the price.

Learning to live in pleasure โ€”

Or nothing at all.

November 2017