What is it you want to know?

Do you really want to know?

I think not because I know.

And I know nothing.

To know what you did not desire to know,

To let go of what you thought you believed,

To cling too that which you believe is real,

Only to understand it was not for you.

A muse in the dark seeking the light.

Providing what others need.

Unable to see the next right step,

Which clearly stands before thee.

We do not ask to know or maybe we did when we were young.

Be careful what you ask for as you might receive,

And it is rarely packaged the way you anticipate.

I seek to know,

I seek to resolve,

I seek to help,

But not for me.

It is strange to know

To know what you don’t

To watch the faces

To feel the reaction.

I wanted to know it all when I was a child

No one said it would be like this.

I don’t perceive myself this way

Yet it is how I exists.

It is not good or bad it just is.

Your spirit speaking to mine,

So that I may assist.

I must claim this gift now.

For it persists.

I must assist.

For love exists.

I am here,

I am me.

I want nothing more

Than to be just me.

To assist where I can,

To support the unrest.

To transform the challenges

To success and bliss.

So I open myself up

To the spirts which guide.

Human scrutiny and discomfort

Which I will abide.

For I cannot be

Anything but me.

I’m tired of fighting

I will not flee.

Take me as I am.

Love me for me.

Let me heal.

Let me be.

I mean no one harm

Yet I feel it towards me.

For being who I am

For what they cannot see.

I accept life as it comes

And people for who they be,

But I realize many

Fret what they don’t get,

So to you I say

Love and let be,

We are all blessed

If we look and see.

The blessings are different

For each and every one.

We strive for freedom,

Please let it come.

We are all worthy.

We are all grand.

Can we learn to love ourselves,

Together we stand.

Release the oppression.

Release the pain.

Release the judgment.

Release the shame.

I speak what I see

Nothing more or less.

It is not always comfortable,

But you will know best.

I am just a voice

Outside of your head

Take it or leave it

Or stay in bed

It is your life to choose

Which road you will take.

Just remember on your journey

To be awake.

I am here for a moment

For it is all we have got.

Open to beauty,

Before you rot.

Knowledge is transitory,

It is what it is.

Take what serves,

Release the rest.

From my heart to yours,

Spirit to spirit.

Lead a life robust,

And compost the rest.

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