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Alicia Montgomery LCSW is a Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach. For 25 years, Alicia has worked with diverse groups and individuals across the US and abroad through career development, strategic partnerships and team development transitions. 

Alicia guides businesses and professional organizations seeking to diversify their executive leadership teams and transition to a empathic leadership management style. In her work, Alicia addresses the role of power, equity, privilege, and change as well as how to manage the challenging emotions of fear and rage. 

Alicia specializes in group trainings for addressing internalized oppression, developing cultural inclusion, and for clinically based professionals. Her approaches include, but are not limited to culturally grounded mindfulness practice, expressive arts, self-care, parts work, cultural awareness, and culturally responsive therapy. Her work is rooted in a deep spiritual foundation mixed with creative expression and a “no-nonsense” common sense.   

One-on-one coaching is also available for executives and senior management as identified. 

List of recent trainings:

  • Healing the Healer: Self Care and Secondary Trauma

  • Cultural Awareness and Culturally Responsive Therapy for Children in the Welfare System

  • Cultural Responsive Group Work

  • The Importance of Self Reflection While Working with Children in the Child Welfare System

  • Utilizing Group Work While Building Resiliency in Youth

  • The Effects of Mindfulness Strategies to Reduce Trauma for Youth and Families

  • Home Visits for Comprehensive Support Within the Child Welfare System

  • Strategies to Ensure Therapeutic Closure

Disclaimer: These trainings are provided under LCSW credentials in support of excellence in providing cultural humility, equity and inclusion to all we serve. These are not part of Soul Liberation Services.