Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cultural Humility?

Cultural humility is the ability to look at racism, social justice and oppression, in its external and internalized forms as a lifelong learner. It is to understand multiple points of intersectionality by standing and accepting the responsibility of being open, willing and thoughtful to see where another stands with as much heart as possible, and the skill to move through your own judgement and inner critic to find a common place of liberation and connection to move forward. This is Soul Liberation.

What do you mean by Erotic Vitality?

Erotic Vitality is the place where there is no conflict or constriction but rather joy, peace and creativity in your spiritual/sexual (“spirexual”) nexus, you are free to operate from a place of liberation within your soul. Your creative expression flows freely, you are joyful and at peace with all of who you are in the world today without shame or judgement.

What does Expressive Arts involve?

“Expressive arts” is a concept or term which means tapping into your creative expression. Everyone has creative expression although you may not have identified it as of yet. It could be written word through journaling, poetry or storytelling. Maybe it is drawing or painting, or possibly dance, creating music, jewelry making or some other unexpressed desire of your own creative force. However your creative force manifests there is a manner in which to express it in a meaningful way which will serve to bring deeper pleasure and understanding to who you are becoming.

What is Parts Work?

Based in Jungian psychology at its most basic it takes the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child” and internalizes it. We all have our “parts”, the critic, the judge, our inner child and many more. What would you find if you looked inside and introduced yourself to your subconscious parts and made friends with the part which self-sabotages you at the last moment or listened to the part who wants desperately to be heard and is highly protective of you? What about your inner child who needs you to play more vs the workaholic who is striving for external acceptance but hasn’t accepted themselves? Used from a coaching perspective it can get things done much quicker when your parts are working together.

What is Shadow Work?

Based in Jungian psychology this is a more spiritual look into the subconscious to address what most people believe to be their “darker side” but in reality it is just the aspects which we have ascribed a societal overlay of judgement upon ourselves which we have been unable to consciously and spiritually resolve.

What is Internalized Oppression?

Internalized oppression is a form of self-injurious self-hatred learned by an oppressed group. A systematized and systemic teaching of hateful and hurtful values through the methods of the oppressor, projected upon themselves.  The most salient example of how internalized oppression has eroded our society would be black on black hatred and violence based in judgement regarding skin color, hair texture and adherence to levels of colonial indoctrination that one is better than another rather than love, understanding and acceptance of one another as worthy equals. Internalized oppression is toxic and necessary to accept, identify and purge as part of understanding our history in order to discover self-love and self-acceptance.

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