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Ali Montgomery

Ali Montgomery is an Erotic Vitality Coach, trainer and energy healer supporting people through challenges in the “spirexual” nexuses (a term she coined meaning spiritual/sexual), internalized oppression and life transitions. She offers one-on-one coaching services, group trainings, retreats, spiritual and Ritual support in a natural or ritual setting using practices based in her Sekhmet Ritual Meditation, Energy healing, expressive arts, and spirexual guidance practices.

Soul Liberation Services is the encompassing of Ali’s life offerings in the spiritual realm. She assists and emphasizes with clients the importance in overcoming internalized oppression for a vital life. With over 25 years of personal, professional and spiritual experience with diverse populations, she works with individuals and groups through the transitions of each layer of your embodied spiritual journey, to address the underpinnings which impact both spiritual well being and everyday life intrinsically entwined.

Primary modalities include shadow work, parts work, expressive arts and erotic vitality coaching explicit to the spirexual nexus layered under the microcosom of shame, guilt, fear and rage from residing in colonialized amerikka. My practice is rooted in a deep and complex interwoven lattice of spiritual foundations mixed with a core of creative expression and no nonsense common sense approach.   

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