Sekhmet Ritual Meditation


The Sekhmet Ritual Meditation is a guided visualization and energetic embodiment to restore one’s Universal and sexual alignment. We use Her symbols as a map to channel Her energies through our own energy system. The Sekhmet Ritual Meditation begins in her lands, the grounding and meeting place of our guided, embodied meditation. Her lands are the root, the meeting place and source of Her power, and it’s the place where we tap in.

In this ritual meditation, we go through 5 ritual symbols of Sekhmet. We begin with the Sekhem (Staff) which translation means Power. Ankh (Key) is the portal for our Life Force Energy. The Iaret (Cobra) is the Kundalini channel which runs the length of your spine. The Udjat (Third Eye) is the seat of consciousness for our human form. The Aten (Solar Disk) is the connection to universal forces, our higher self and connections to God/Goddess energy. 

The meditation takes participants through this channel connecting our own power with that of Sekhmet, opening ourselves to greater life force energy, clearing our “spirexual” (a word coined by Ali meaning Spiritual/Sexual nexus) channels to connect to the divine in a pure orgasmic form. Our Sex is worship, our orgasm is offering. This ritual is a celebration of connection between the nexus of spiritual and sexual energy creating opening and healing.

Sekhmet Ritual Meditation Intensive

Imagine diving deep into the Mediation for your own purposes of clearing, clarity and manifestation. The meditation is utilized my for many purposes and you are trained to go through each symbol with a self-selected intention intensively focused on a desired purpose each week. Learning how to utilize each symbol individually for grounding, clarity, clearing and manifestation and the Ritual as a whole fluid process for clearing the system and channeling orgasmic energy.

SRM Trauma Release

Over the years I have been approached regarding the impact of the Ritual on their energy system, psyche along with many extraordinary experiences. I like to tell people "each ritual experience is unique", I am in awe of the rich and diverse experiences which come about through the Ritual. The common theme is the experience which opens and clears channels directly related to sexuality leaving us with orgasmic energy flowing throughout our body. On the other side of that pleasure is the pain that many of us have history related to sexual trauma specifically female identified bodies. 

For this reason and the multitude of requests I have been called to lead individuals on the journey through the Sekhmet Ritual Meditation to address the root of historical trauma to become fully embodied. These are currently offered as a one on one process due the nature of topics. The Ritual is slowed down which intensifies the manifestation of each symbol and participants are assisted to navigate the symbols in a deep and personally meaningful manner while they energetically release learn to release their own trauma from their body systems. 

This minimally eight week process will take you through a different symbol each week: Grounding in Her Lands, Claiming Power, Harnessing Life Force Energy, Claiming Kundalini, Awakening Your Seat of Consciousness and Opening Connection to the Universal working to open and clear your channels and trauma. Time commitment is individually determined due to the nature of the process.

About Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a Goddess often misunderstood. A Goddess in her own right and power, she is best known as the executor of justice on behalf of Re. Sekhmet is an ancient goddess who predates most gods. She is original,  in that when Nut created the Universe and Ma’at emerged as truth and justice, Sekhmet was designated to be her protectress. She is invoked as the Incense of the Inead, the 9 most known gods and goddesses of Egypt alongside Isis and Osiris.  Sekhmet has traveled to other cultures, being adapted and reconsumed in form and aspect. From current day, Faerie tradition to Tibet, where She is known as Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, “Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings”, or Simhavaktra, in India. Sekhmet has been a household goddess, temple goddess and goddess of royalty. It is her enigmatic nature, which befuddles and terrifies so many who desire to define her without a deeper scope of understanding. To Pharisees, She is a warrior and protectress. To her temple devotees, She is the source of healing. To others stiil, She is a source of sexual healing and liberation. And to some, She remains a figure only to be feared. She is all of this and more. 

If you are interested in exploring my offerings, learning more or hosting the Sekhmet Ritual Meditation as part of an event please contact me directly.