What I Can Offer You?


Cultural Humility Training

Certified trainer of Cultural Humility by Melanie Tervalon, training addresses the steps required to take personal responsibility for the inner conflict of cultural humility, internalized oppression, and the deconstruction of institutional racist structures. Practical examples are taken from my work as a spiritually-based life coach, and is deeply rooted in my multicultural, multi-spiritual and multi-nationality family.

Women’s Empowerment Training

Group work and training addresses issues such as internalized oppression, race, sexuality, spirituality, reclaiming your creativity and addressing the impact of colonized spaces through discussion, reflection, expressive arts and other creative forms. Time commitment is dependent on level of healing medicine required.

Small & Large Group Packages

Small group packages and large group packages are available on any of the topics listed on the contact page or customized to fit your group’s unique needs. Great for groups and ritual gatherings.

Individual Packages

Individual packages begin with an intuitive assessment of the client’s current life transition challenge, what they are wanting to work on, and how to move forward in our time together. Sessions are typically 1 - 2 hours.

Erotic Vitality Coaching

Partner and individual erotic vitality coaching is where we address the barriers to joy, peace, and creativity in your spiritual/ sexual (spirexual) nexus through a combination of embodiment, Sekhmet ritual meditation, and more. Together, we work towards building a creatively expressive space where you operate from a place of liberation within your soul without shame or judgement. Time commitment is dependent on level of healing medicine required.