Happy Clients


Ali is a master at creating sacred space. As a result, her retreats and the activities she artfully facilitates are refreshing and insightful. They leave you with a whole and complete sense of well-being. From the moment you set foot onto the grounds of the resort, you feel comfortable and plugged in. Ali shines a light on the connection between spirituality and sexuality in a way that is inviting, intriguing, and safe. She has a knack for holding space and listening with her whole being while introducing non-judgmental dialogue. My most favorite activity was one where we listened to music and just moved with the beat. Ali helped me let go and remember how good it feels to move without being self conscious. Now, every Saturday morning, I make time to put on the tunes and dance around the house, even if it's just a couple of minutes. It feels amazing!I'm so thankful for this top-notch experience. The resort was outstanding, the people I met were incredible (prepare for belly laughs), and the memories will last a lifetime.

— Heather K.

Ali is a very thoughtful and considerate lady. She really got a feel for the issues that have plagued me since childhood. She took a great deal of time to prepare for our session she put a great deal of thought into what I needed to help me move forward to address those issues. She let me know what to expect during our session and eased any fears that I had. She had prepared a candle for me that she gave me before I left afterwards. I felt much better after the session itself was completed initially. I continued to feel better and better as I burned the candle that she gave me. The candle burned for seven days. It was as if my issues were melting away during that time and I continue to feel better. I would like to thank Ali for the time and consideration that she put into working with me. I would suggest to anyone that is suffering from old buried issues to ask Ali to work with you. It will be a fulfilling and enlightening experience and you will leave in a much better place mentally than you arrived. Thank you, Ali.

— Hannon


Ali Montgomery is a very compassionate and caring individual.  She acknowledges my strengths, so I do not have to focus on all of my weaknesses at once.  I can count on her, and I know she believes in me! It is with her guidance that I am starting to believe in myself, too.  I know now what it is like to have the "power" and strength in my hands. As a person, with severe trauma in my life, I am so glad to have Ali by my side.  There were many times that I know I would not be alive if it wasn't for Ali and her services.

— Donna K.

Alicia is a phenomenal coach and mentor who combines her array of  professional experience with a personal level of humility and whit which has inspired and motivated me to accomplish all of my personal and professional life goals.

— Rachel

Wow Ali that’s awesome. Having done the meditation with you. It’s one of the most powerful and liberating experiences I’ve ever had with meditation. My mind body and spiritual energy were blown away. What a gift you offer.

— Grace